From the launch at Arken

Manifest (in Danish)

Vores ansvar for dem der er yngre end os, er at åbne verden og fremtiden igen. Magt, mulighed og myndighed er blevet smeltet sammen i et glat og…

Summer Camp – August 2021

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Relevant: Skabt af en kunstig intelligens

”Kan algoritmer også hjælpe os i kreative arbejdsprocesser?” – spørger Andreas Refsgaard og Mads Korsgaard på og i deres bog, som kan købes her.


Below, some samples from our initial workshop at our launch:

Recommendation: Algorithmic Justice League

Inspiration: Rethinking oppositions in art & hacktivism

The aim is not to create an historical or philosophical analysis of social and artistic practices, but to reflect on different modalities of generating criticism, shedding light on…

Inspiration: Critical Design

From Dunne, A. (2008). Hertzian Tales. MIT Press.

Journal article: Oil painting algorithm based on aesthetic criteria

In addition, the study of drawing algorithm can avoid the disadvantages of traditional manual drawing. On the one hand, it can draw a variety of images with complex…

Inspiration: Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies

The book Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies explores the technical as well as cultural imaginaries of programming from its insides. It follows the principle that the growing importance…

Recommendation: Art and technology in the 19th and 20th centuries

Noteworthy: German artist fools Google maps AI

Inspiration: 199 Arduino art projects

Inspiration: Feminist Curricula

The open online directory maps and documents design educational initiatives that use feminist perspectives and pedagogies with the ultimate aim of exploring new, alternative ways of learning, teaching, and…

Inspiration: Jeffrey Shaw on new media art

My fascination with new media is largely to do with the way it can constitute a new relationship between the viewer and the image, that is to say…

Inspiration: Letting art teach

In this book, Gert Biesta presents a new approach to contemporary art education by showing the unique possibilities the arts offer to establish a dialogue with the world…

Silly: Jackson Pollock Generator

Weird: AI Symphony

“AIVA is an Artificial Intelligence who composes music for movies, commercials, games and trailers.”

Algorithmic Bias 101

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